Dong Dong was born in Zhangjiakou, China in the 1970s and brought up in Beijing. He moved to California in his early 20's and this is when he began his journey into photography. Started as a photographer, Dong is drawn to the beauty of unspoiled wilderness and the feel of open space he had experienced in his childhood.

Essentially self-taught, Dong learns through reading, trial-and-error and the experience from spending many hours in the field. He believes that beauty and greatness can be found in everything, and he is eager to describe this in his photographs. Starting from simple literal scenes, Dong is interested in how individual elements are related and used to tell the story behind the landscape.

Photography is a language and a way to capture a place and a moment in time, and share this personal experience with others. Please join Dong Dong on this visual journey.

"Welcome to my website! Photography, which started as a fun technical and artistic outlet for me, has steadily evolved into a passion to capture and express my visual thoughts. My endless desire to explore and translate landscapes is a language that goes beyond borders."